Do you wish your holidays were less stressful and that you could focus more on the simple joys of the season?

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The 2019 Joy-Filled Advent Calendar is a happy little holiday surprise delivered straight to your inbox.

Every day you get an invitation to enjoy a simple pleasure of the season with a short video and virtual gift. Some of the daily themes include:

The Gift of Whimsy
The Gift of Happy Feet
The Gift of Connection
The Gift of Warm Bellies
(plus 21 more surprise gifts!)

If supplies are needed they are minimal, easy to find (you probably already have them), and cheap.

After all, the idea is to focus on SIMPLE pleasures!

During the holidays we are often taking care of everyone else. Take a moment each day just for you!


Is this for me? – Do you love surprises? Do you like warm, cuddly moments? Do you want some new ideas for simple ways to make the holiday more meaningful? Do you have $24?

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What Can I Expect?

  • A daily email with video and worksheet guide 
  • Realistic ideas and solutions
  • Positive vibes

Content Includes

  • Figuring out how you really want to celebrate the season
  • The four most stressful things that ruin our holidays
  • And, how to reduce or get rid of them!